Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Google Classroom Users Can Now Assign Quizzes Through Quizizz

For anyone out there who has used Kahoot, you probably already know how much fun students have playing, I mean studying with it. I recently found a new tool that is similar in some ways to Kahoot, but offers some interesting differences - that program is called Quizizz.

Like Kahoot, Quizizz allows you to create multiple choice questions. Like Kahoo, Quizizz gives you a code that students type in to their device after going to a login screen (join.quizizz.com). And finally, like Kahoot, students gain points by answering questions correctly, and the faster they answer the questions, the more points they receive. The way that Quizizz differs from Kahoot is that students are not tied to the teacher's overhead to see the questions; students see the questions on their own devices.

The nice part about Quizizz is that students can work through the quiz at their own pace, but it still shows the teacher an overall ranking of students. Teachers like this because they can still use it for a formative assessment, but kids like it because they don't have to wait. Another great use for this feature is that you can assign the Quizizz as a homework assignment, assuming your students all have internet access.

This brings us to the main point of this post - namely that Quizizz now integrates with Google Classroom. When setting up the Quizizz, you will now see a Share on Google Classroom link. When you click on the option, you will be asked which class you'd like to share the Quizizz with. From there, you can send out an announcement, or create an assignment for your students.

Image found on http://blog.quizizz.com/google-classroom/
What's really nice about this feature is that you will see the student's name from Google Classroom along with their nickname from Quizizz. Another nice thing is that you can see who has completed the quiz from Google Classroom without having to log back into Quizizz.

Happy Gaming!
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