Friday, September 2, 2016

Syncing Your Schoology Gradebook To Your Skyward Gradebook

In this post, I'll be explaining how to sync your Schoology and Skyward gradebooks at the beginning of a new course:
  1. Choose the grading categories that you plan on using from Skyward.
  2. Next, log into Schoology and navigate to your Schoology course.
  3. Click on the Skyward app on the lower left side of your course and click Configuration.
  4. If you don’t already see a dropdown box under the Schoology Course Categories header, press + Include Category for the categories you want to map from Skyward to Schoology.
    1. Select (Create New Schoology Category) if your Skyward categories do not yet exist in Schoology.
    2. Choose the corresponding category from the dropdown if it already exists.
    3. If you have chosen to weight your categories in Skyward, you will be able  to view and set the weights of each category. (Note, this must be ok’d by building principals before weighting grading categories.)
  5. Click Save Configuration
    1. Note: If your sections are linked, you must toggle to the next section in the Configuration tab and map Skyward categories to the Schoology categories. Do not “Create New Category” in the child/linked sections because they have already been created in the master section. Click Save Configuration for each section.
  6. To  ensure overall grades match in each system, choose the “Final Grade Settings”  scale in Schoology grade setup that is consistent with the default scale you chose in  Skyward.
  7. The system is set up to manually sync which means that when you are ready to push student grades from Schoology to Skyward, you will need to click on the Skyward app on the lower left side of your course and you should be on the Sync Grades tab.
  8. Push the Sync All button on the upper right hand side of the screen to sync all grades, or push the sync button by individual assignments to sync them one by one.

Best  Practices  and  Tips:    

  • All changes made to students’ grade and to settings on materials should be made from within Schoology.         
  • The “NoCount” feature in Skyward gradebook is currently not a  functionality that we support.
  • When marking exceptions in the Schoology gradebook (excused or incomplete), leave blank cells as unscored. Do not use the  “Mark unscored as 0 and Missing” option.
  • If you have items in your Schoology course materials that you do not want to sync to Skyward, change the Schoology Grading Category on the item to Ungraded.
  • You cannot save a Schoology category to multiple Skyward categories.
  • If you choose to make a change to your course scoring method via the Skyward Educator Access Plus App (ie: percentages vs. total points), make sure to make the corresponding changes in your Schoology Skyward app.
  • When you link two sections that have been already set up with Skyward, the master section will not be impacted by the linking. The child section’s mapping will be blank.   
  • Editing master section configuration settings do not affect child section settings (and vice versa).              
  • If you clear all grades in Skyward and delete assignments from Skyward, but run a sync from the Schoology Skyward app, the Schoology assignments will be recreated in Skyward via the sync.
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