Tuesday, November 1, 2016

REMC Classroom Maker Project (#cmakers)

I just wanted to share some exciting information with you that I just heard about through the CISD.
The REMC Classroom Makers (#cmakers) project is a multi-year effort to provide local REMCs with maker training, curriculum and materials to be used with their districts to support and expand curricula and learning.  Makering is the convergence of hands-on DIY and technology.  It involves problem solving through failure, creativity, exploration and often collaboration. 
I went to one of the training sessions with Melinda Waffle last week and got some hands-on training with the different kits that she is putting together, all available for you to check out!

Some of the kits available for you include:

  • Circuitry Kit - create circuits that turn on lights, make noises, spin motors, etc.
  • Coding Kit - create code that makes robots move and interact with their surroundings
  • Construction Kit - allow your students to be creative with hands-on manipulatives
  • Gaming kit - create games that can be played on tablets
  • Robotics Kit - program robots to perform different actions

Individual Items
  • 3D Printer with laptop Bloxel set
  • Breakout EDU Box Dash (robot)
  • Google Cardboard (up to 5) Green Screen
  • Keva Planks Little Bits kit
  • Makey-makey kits (up to 5) Osmo (Numbers, Letters & Tangram)
  • Ozobot set Snap Circuits (up to 2 kits)
  • Sphero Strawbee connectors
If you're interested in learning more about these exciting items, check out the CISD website.
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