Friday, December 4, 2015

How to Use the Technology That You Finally Got In Your Classroom

Since taking on the role of one of our building's technology coaches three years ago, I wondered about the best way to share the different ways that teachers could utilize the laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks that students were using in their rooms.  Obviously, the best way would be to sit down with teachers, find out what content they were teaching, and then pick a couple of possible tools that would work for them.  For teachers who are new to using technology in the classroom, they need that one-on-one attention, but for teachers who are comfortable with technology, sometimes they just want to refresh what they've been using, or need a tool for something that they've never tried before.

After looking online for ideas from other blogs and websites, I found numerous compilations of different online tools, but they were typically a long list of sites, and quite often, were not set up in any format that made it easy to find what I was looking for.  Other issues that I found were that the lists tended to be for either iPads, or for windows based computers, so some of the sites were useful, while others weren't. I took the best of each website, added others that I found on my own, and created a Google doc, called Educational Technology Resources, which is broken down by the method of instruction being used, and soon, updated with grade level appropriateness.  This is a living document, so make sure to check in often to see what's new.

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