Monday, April 25, 2016

Tip of the Week 4/25/16

Last week's Tip of the Week is a little late, I got all set to write it and then noticed that many of the images that I'd uploaded in previous posts had disappeared and spent the afternoon chasing down the missing images. Hopefully things will go more smoothly from now on.

I wanted talk about keyboard shortcuts this week. I've already told you about two timesaving shortcuts that I use on a daily basis, Ctrl+Tab (for moving between tabs) and Alt+Tab (for moving between open windows) you can see that post here.

Another set of keyboard shortcuts I often use allow you to cut, copy, and paste text and images. Ctrl+C copies the text that you want much more quickly than right clicking on the mouse and clicking copy. To go along with the copy shortcut is Ctrl+V which allows you to paste the text or image somewhere else. Wrapping up this trio is Ctrl+X which allows you to cut text and images from the document. In some situations, this shortcut works better than Ctrl+C as you don't have to copy and then delete the text, it is done for you when you go to paste it elsewhere.

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